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Installations and Repair for Your Entertainment

When you're looking to update the look and feel of your home or living space, or simply replacing pool table felt Recreation Depot is there for you. We handle all wiring, whole system remotes, and surround sound system integrations, making your home look better and more suited for your enjoyment. We offer moving and storage of all types of Game Room furniture, including shuffleboards, pool tables, poker tables, home entertainment furniture, bars and more. We also offer repair services for owners of pool tables. Recreation Depot has been proudly serving the Tri State area for 27 years-a 75 mile radius from us, which includes Eastern PA, Deleware and New Jersey. Located in Lumberon, NJ, you can count on us.

Safely Moving Your Pool Table
We understand that moving a pool table can be a serious concern for our customers which is why our work is both guaranteed and insured. For most jobs, we can disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table on the same day. However, for longer distance moves we can dismantle your table and put it in a crate to be transported by a national carrier. With some of our customers wanting to wait to assemble their table until they have unpacked at their new location, we give the option to store your pool table for either a short- or long-term stay at a reasonable rate. If your table has damage from preexisting issues or years of use, we also provide repair for coverings, rubber, facings, pockets, and ball return systems.

Pool Table Servicing
Gaming TableRepaired Pool Table

Television Installations

Do you have a television set up that is cluttering your room with unsightly wires crisscrossing in every direction? With our team, we can handle installing a new way for you to showcase your TV with options such as in-wall mounts and IR repeater systems. These system options allow our customers to retain the use of standard equipment remotes while maintaining full control of the equipment installed through the repeater system. You can then operate the cable box, DVD, and music receiver from the large viewing area located at the front of the TV while having all necessary wiring hidden from view. Get a beautiful and clean installation for your recreational or arcade room today.

Other Services

In addition to our TV installation and pool table services, we also offer various installations and repairs on other entertainment items, such as shuffleboard tables. We do pool table renovation such as replacing pool table felt and recovery, with over 25 different cloth colors to choose from, new rubber on rails, and new pockets or ball return.